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Tau CPF vs Orks waaagh

 Post subject: Tau CPF vs Orks waaagh
PostPosted: Wed Sep 23, 2009 7:48 am 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother
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Tau CPF vs Orks waagh
1250pts fleet engagement

The Ork fleet I cannot remember completely but it had Deathdela, Hammer kroozer, 2x Terror kroozer, and a total of 10 escorts spread over 3 squadrons.
(After the game we discover one needs two kroozers for deathdela and two more for Hammer, ah well).

kor'el + aun'el
Custodian + 3 Warden
3 Protectors
2x2 Castellans

We both chose* sphere. Nicely running alongsides. (*In Ork tradition he rolled a d6 to pick his setup).

1 large asteroid field, 1 large dust cloud, 1 medium planet

Short recap/

Orks got first turn and the back of his fleet aaf'ed, I turned in using a planet, launched masses. He countered with enough fighter bombers and used aaf to stay away from Manta's meaning my initial waves were useless. I managed 3 lucky hits on deathdela.
Following turns I subsequently only passed special orders with my Custodian and 1 Protector failing to reload all the others.... (I had 8 on average) The Orks passed every leadership in the opening / mid game turns.

Failing my reloads I lost my main weapon. Luckily the Custodian could still release its 8 markers, if he would fail I would be seriously hampered. The ordnance phase kept on being a stalemate, he releasing enough defensive markers to windle down the Manta's (funny: first 8 resilients saves in the game I failed).

So, despite not really wanting this the Ork fleet had turned and was heading for me, and I was heading for them. A long range torp destroyed a Castellan, next turn's return fire destroyed a Ravage (I think). Still failing reloads except Custodian + Protector.

Then we got close, I got first strike. Crippled a Terror, eliminated ramship squadron of 3, another escort. To his dismay he only managed 1 reload... Return fire: 4 hits on Protector (crippled), shields down on Custodian (bfi) and other Protectors (1 bfi, 1 nothing).

With a single Protector reloading and positioning ships nicely I managed to hit his Hammer: braced + shield collapse. Took down crippled terror to 2 hitpoints.
Orks disengaged remaining escorts, and crippled Terror disengaged. Turning his full Terror + deatdela behind my fleet, braced hammer point blank at Wardens. He wanted to target Custodian with Deathdela, failed his ld and unleashed all at Wardens within 15cm (all sides). In the end....lot of hits and 8 braces later all 3 Wardens were still in play. Huzzay! Subsequent fire brought Custodian to 7 hits, and crippled Protector down to 1 hit.

Disengaged crippled Protector. Hammered all at Hammer, not that impressive but he was crippled.

End game.

So Orks on field: Hammer with 4 hits, Deathdela with 9, full Terror.
Getting 72,5 vps for crippled Protector + crippled Castellan squadron.

Tau on field: Custodian with 7 hits, two full Protectors, 3 Wardens, 2+1 Castellan
Getting 243,75 vps for crippled hammer, terror, escorts sqdr + 1 destr ram sqdr.

awkward, failing all those reloads was hazardous. But the Ork shooting was either ineffective or my bracing was phenomenal.

And again I win an engagement with my Tau fleet. Good track record. It is a good fleet when handled well. Though this game was bit different. Ork aaf escaping my bombers, failing reloads. Meant I had to resort to other recourses: Front firepower. Wardens did what they had to do, jumping in when lines closed. Essential in eliminating escorts, the Terror and the Hammer. Custodian is a great anchor. Protectors versatile things.

next time I'm gonna have run with Emissaries...

Light at the Horizon.

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 Post subject: Tau CPF vs Orks waaagh
PostPosted: Thu Sep 24, 2009 7:24 pm 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother
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Nice report once again, but IMHO, TAKE PICTURES!

- Vo :D

Everything interesting always hapens when you'r not looking...

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