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Fall In game 1 Space Marines Vs Tau

 Post subject: Fall In game 1 Space Marines Vs Tau
PostPosted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 4:47 am 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

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0 - 3 Blitz, T&H, and TSNP Tau Win

Tau PathFinders - Overwatch
SM Scouts _ Overwatch

Tau Stealth Suits
SM Termies

Tau Cudas x2
SM Thawk & Thawk + Termies

Turn 1
T Stealths teleport, 1BM
SM win Strategy
SM Devs sustains targets Stealths, 1KIA 2BMs
SM Thawk + Termies engage Stealth, 5KIA ELIMINATED
T Cuda GA targets Scouts, 1KIA 2BMs
M Speeders march
T Skyrays to overwatch
M Thawk GA picks up Termies
T Suits advance
M Landraiders (BTS) double
Coord Fire
T Recon LF double targets BTS, 1BM
T Rails advance targets BTS, 2KIA 3BMs
M WarHound advances targets Rceon LF, 3KIA BROKEN
T Manta advances targets Scouts, 5KIA BROKEN
M Tactical advances targets Manta, 1BM
T PathFinders Fail advance
T FWs RF overwatch
T FWs LF sustains targets Tacticals, 1BM
T Recon RF failed regroups
T Cuda fails
T Cuda shot down 1---2BMs

Scouts stay broken
Recon LF rallies

Turn 2
Termies Teleport
T win Strategy
T Rails sustains targets Termies, 2KIA 4BMs BROKEN
M BTS advances targets Rails, 1KIA 2BMs
M Hound advances targets Rails, 3KIA, 4BMs BROKEN
T Recon fails targets Termies, 1KIA 2BMs ELIMINATED
M Devs March
T Cuda Fails
M Thawk + Termies engage Recon LF, ELIMINATED
T Manta doubles targets DEV, 3KIA, 4BMs
Overwatch - Skyrays pound Tacticals, 3KIA 4BMs
M Tacticals sustain targets PFs, 1KIA 2BMs
T Suits advances targets Devs, 2KIA BROKEN
M Thawk GA targets PF, 1BM
T PFs marshall zero BMs
M Speeders advance targets PFs, 2KIA 3BMs BROKEN
T Recon RF advances targets Termies, 1BM
T FW LF advance targets Termies, 1KIA 3BMs
T FW RF doubles targets BTS, 1BM
T Cuda GA targets Devs, 1KIA 2BMs

every broken unit rallies

Turn 3
M win Strategy
M BTS sustains targets Recon RF, 3KIA 4BMs BROKEN
M Hound Advances targets FW LF, 2KIA 3BMs
T FW LF sustains targets Termies, 2KIA 3BMs
M Thawk GA targets Suits, 1KIA 2BMs
T Cuda GA targets BTS, 1KIA 2BMs
M Thawk GA targets Suits, 1KIA 2BMs
T Manta doubles targets Tactical, 4KIA 5BMs
M Scouts advance
T Cuda GA targets BTS, 1BM BROKEN
M Speeders double targets Recon RF, 1KIA 2BMs
T FW RF doubles targets Speeders, 1KIA 2BMs
T Skyrays sustain targets BTS, 1KIA
T Rails fail


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