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3K Tau Vs Lyanden

 Post subject: 3K Tau Vs Lyanden
PostPosted: Sat Oct 21, 2017 3:42 am 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

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Of course the normal crap job of battle reports continues. I took a few pictures and never wrote down turn 3. The few pictures are on the blog.

Eldar Rangers Garrison left flank objective.
Eldar Wraithguard is in the bomber.
Eldar Wraithguard/bts is in the gate.

Tau Recon1 garrisons center objective.
Tau Stealth Suits are waiting to teli.
Tau Criss suits are in the Manta.

Turn 1
Tau Stealth Suits tell onto the RF Falcons.
Tau win initiative.
Stealth suits engage RF Falcons, FAILED to activate. 1BM
Eldar Bombers GA Railheads. 4BMs
Eldar retains. Falcons LF Doubles targeting ReconG. 3KIA, BROKEN
Tau Manta Advances targeting wave serpents. 1BM
Eldar Falcons RF Doubles targeting ReconG. ELIMINATED.
Tau ReconC calls Coordinating Fire. They take the Skyrays and FireWarriorsC with them.
ReconC Advances targeting Falcons RF. 1KIA 2BMs
Skyrays sustain on the Falcons. 2KIA BROKEN
FW Double into the ruins
Eldar Wraithblade Double targeting the Stealth suits. 1BM
Tau Cuda GA targeting Falcons RF. ELIMINATED
Eldar Vamp FAILED
Tau Railheads Marshalled 0BMs
Eldar Waithlords LF FAILED, Marshalled
Tau PFs Double targeting Wraithblades. 2KIA BROKEN
Eldar WraithlordsG FAILED to arrive via the gate
Tau FW LF Doubles

Turn 2
Eldar wins Initiative
Eldar Waithblades RF Engages Stealth suits. ELIMINATED
Tau PW Double targeting WaithlordsC. 1BM
Eldar Falcons LF Double targeting FW LF. 4KIA BROKEN
Tau Cuda GA Serpents 1KIA BROKEN
Eldar Bombers GA ReconC. 1BM
Tau Cuda GA WaithbladesC. 1BM
Eldar Vamp FAILED
Tau Skyrays Advance targeting Wraithblades. 1BM
Eldar WraithlordsG arrive via the gate. Double targeting ReconC 2KIA BROKEN
Tau Railheads double targeting Rangers. 1KIA 2BMs
Tau FWs C FAILED targets WraithlordsG 1KIA 2BMs
Eldar Waithlords LF March
Tau Manta Advances targets WraithlordsG Eliminated

Turn 3
Elder win Initiative
I stopped writing stuff down and focused on not screwing myself.

I ended up winning 3-0 Blitz, DTF, & TSNP. Looks bad for Kal, but it was a dice revolt. The Vamp and troops aboard failed to to show up. Missing hits and failing saves were abnormally high. If the dice were even, he would have run me into the ground. The wraiths are hard Cads to kill!


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