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Push to complete a Gargant list - 2019
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Author:  Primorko [ Sat May 04, 2019 11:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Push to complete a Gargant list - 2019

Ok feedback,
Today i have taken the gargants to stomp. It has been really funny.
My list.

Great gargant with ultralobba, twin soopagun and supa zapp gun
With antiair upgrade

2 gargants with megalobba, supa zaap gun and soopagun

Supastompa with 3 soopaguns
supastompa with 3 gatling kannons

4 stompas.

1ist game, versus also in development tallarn list.

The gargants are killing machines, the level of artillery was well, funny to see, every game I had 3 Imperial guard formations completely demoralize.
I seriously felt the lack of planes, (but I already expect that)
I was extremely frustrating for the imperial player, as i was insanely lucky with the saves, in 3 turn he eliminate all the shields, but yet only achieved 2 Wound on a superstompa. But well, apart from the luck, that is a lack of antititans of talland list. (Not a topic here)

Second mach, against adeptus tianicus.
Yea, gargants vs titans.

The game was, surprisingly close. The game last 6 insane turns, gargants started wining as there where a lot of warhounds, and well, warhounds are pretty volatile.
I demoralized and latter lynch the one reaver that was there by mere assault of thegreat gargant. Surprinsily, sooting was quite tricky.
By turn 3 I was winning by a huge diferent, but yet a titan killer warlord was completly fresh, and i got fire on one gargant and the gfreat gargant.
Funny enough that gargant would burn to the ashed by turn 3 XD XD XD I would be mad If I didn't laugh so much.

Conclusion on this point, soopaguns are not the best, But yet, as I said, pretty close, so zero complains in this regard.
Gargants face titans without any problem. So no problem on this regard.

I will let it rest and think on suggestions, but overall the list have my total personal approval.
we will see next month as I will see shasdowsords everywhere.

The great gargant is close to be unkillable, it is more or less ok shooting for the cost, and a beast in assaults.
The gargant is way more killable, god shooting and great in pair with a supastompa.
The supastompa is awesome, as good as a gargant shoooting, but way less resistant and surprisingly easy to be demoralize. but not the worst deal when you have courage.
The stompas have done nothing, I will have to check but i may reconsider using them in future list. Anyway I will try to give them I try. But in my opinion the are quite expensive for the cost, specially compared with the supastompa.

Anyway, next list wiht have planes and dreadnoughts, so we will see.

I will suggest more upgrades for the gargants and stompas, as well we have a lack of them. Plus potenciatly a mekboy gargant. But that would be just an attemp to make the list more interesting and atractive. For the moment the list is quite a good one. I think.

Anyways I will figure out tomorrow who to post the photos of my gargants terrorizing talllarn people and crushing their heads towards adeptus titanicus.

Author:  kyussinchains [ Fri May 17, 2019 10:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Push to complete a Gargant list - 2019

got a game in with the list last night Much Fun was had by all :)

Still wish the list had lootas but there you go....

Author:  Evil and Chaos [ Mon May 20, 2019 1:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Push to complete a Gargant list - 2019

As pointed out by Glyn earlier in the thread, the Gatling Kannon used to be available for Great Gargants in the arm slot, so I'd propose adding one extra weapon choice:

Ultra Gatling Kannon
Location Arm
Range 45cm

8x AP5+ / AT5+ FF Arm

(Basically, the normal GK, with +2 shots). Shouldn't be too terrifying.

Author:  Tiny-Tim [ Mon May 20, 2019 1:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Push to complete a Gargant list - 2019

Increased DC option will be dropped the next time I update the list.

I would just have a gatling option rather than ultra.

Author:  Evil and Chaos [ Mon May 20, 2019 3:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Push to complete a Gargant list - 2019

I'm fine with the DC option going entirely. Fiddly to make it not an auto-buy or a never-buy, while also scaling in utility against the different WE sizes.

Standard Gatling inferior to the other GG arm weapons on stats as current, not worth taking surely?

I appreciate it's a late consideration to a largely settled list now!

Author:  kyussinchains [ Tue May 21, 2019 10:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Push to complete a Gargant list - 2019

I'd rather see a bit more granularity in the weapon loadouts for the different classes of gargant/stompa, maybe remove the gatling kannon and grot missile options from the supa stompa?

I think the DC upgrade isn't too potent if limited to gargants/great gargants only, they already have bags of DC, a couple more isn't going to ruin the list (725pts for a 9-11DC gargant isn't too painful), whereas potentially having multiple 7DC war engines for 375pts each is a much harder pill to swallow

I'm just concerned that with all the streamlining of options from the older list, a lot of the character will be lost

Author:  GlynG [ Tue May 21, 2019 10:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Push to complete a Gargant list - 2019

Great Gargants had gatling arm weapons in past editions (and likely will have them as an option again if/when AT versions come out). Why unnecessarily invalidate weapons fits of older player’s models that could be glued together and painted? If the Great Gargant has 5 better versions of Gargant weapons for its arms it’s not that much of a stretch to add one more to complete the set surely?

What’s not orky about rolling bucket loads of dice with poor to hit rolls? 8 x shots or maybe even 10 x shots at AT5+/AP5+ would balance better compared to the other Great Gargant arm weapons, particularly as they have a lower 45cm range and will often be doubling or occasionally assaulting. I find the masses of MW boring with Ork Gargants and masses of less powerful gatling attacks seems more orky and more similar to how many of 40K ork units attack.

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