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Push to complete a Gargant list - 2019

 Post subject: Re: Push to complete a Gargant list - 2019
PostPosted: Sat May 04, 2019 11:30 pm 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

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Ok feedback,
Today i have taken the gargants to stomp. It has been really funny.
My list.

Great gargant with ultralobba, twin soopagun and supa zapp gun
With antiair upgrade

2 gargants with megalobba, supa zaap gun and soopagun

Supastompa with 3 soopaguns
supastompa with 3 gatling kannons

4 stompas.

1ist game, versus also in development tallarn list.

The gargants are killing machines, the level of artillery was well, funny to see, every game I had 3 Imperial guard formations completely demoralize.
I seriously felt the lack of planes, (but I already expect that)
I was extremely frustrating for the imperial player, as i was insanely lucky with the saves, in 3 turn he eliminate all the shields, but yet only achieved 2 Wound on a superstompa. But well, apart from the luck, that is a lack of antititans of talland list. (Not a topic here)

Second mach, against adeptus tianicus.
Yea, gargants vs titans.

The game was, surprisingly close. The game last 6 insane turns, gargants started wining as there where a lot of warhounds, and well, warhounds are pretty volatile.
I demoralized and latter lynch the one reaver that was there by mere assault of thegreat gargant. Surprinsily, sooting was quite tricky.
By turn 3 I was winning by a huge diferent, but yet a titan killer warlord was completly fresh, and i got fire on one gargant and the gfreat gargant.
Funny enough that gargant would burn to the ashed by turn 3 XD XD XD I would be mad If I didn't laugh so much.

Conclusion on this point, soopaguns are not the best, But yet, as I said, pretty close, so zero complains in this regard.
Gargants face titans without any problem. So no problem on this regard.

I will let it rest and think on suggestions, but overall the list have my total personal approval.
we will see next month as I will see shasdowsords everywhere.

The great gargant is close to be unkillable, it is more or less ok shooting for the cost, and a beast in assaults.
The gargant is way more killable, god shooting and great in pair with a supastompa.
The supastompa is awesome, as good as a gargant shoooting, but way less resistant and surprisingly easy to be demoralize. but not the worst deal when you have courage.
The stompas have done nothing, I will have to check but i may reconsider using them in future list. Anyway I will try to give them I try. But in my opinion the are quite expensive for the cost, specially compared with the supastompa.

Anyway, next list wiht have planes and dreadnoughts, so we will see.

I will suggest more upgrades for the gargants and stompas, as well we have a lack of them. Plus potenciatly a mekboy gargant. But that would be just an attemp to make the list more interesting and atractive. For the moment the list is quite a good one. I think.

Anyways I will figure out tomorrow who to post the photos of my gargants terrorizing talllarn people and crushing their heads towards adeptus titanicus.

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 Post subject: Re: Push to complete a Gargant list - 2019
PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2019 10:53 am 
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got a game in with the list last night Much Fun was had by all :)

Still wish the list had lootas but there you go....

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