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Red Corsairs v3.5 - Approved!

 Post subject: Re: Red Corsairs v3.5 - Approved!
PostPosted: Fri Jan 05, 2018 1:02 am 
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I always forget this thread exists because the other one is still stickied

kyussinchains wrote:

smallish tweaks
- permit Cult Marines to take a Daemon Prince upgrade, the rationale is simple, the cult marines are the ones closest to the chaos gods, so are probably furthest down the path to daemonhood

Seems fine and fluffy

kyussinchains wrote:
- Brass scorpions to a 4+ RA save, in my test games they proved to be quite vulnerable to even modest amounts of AT shooting, this would possibly justify a 25pt bump in cost, but maybe not

This would be great, right now I have 4 of them but they've always seemed way too fragile on paper that I still haven't put them together

kyussinchains wrote:
- chaos drop pods.... Dave has suggested a blanket +50pts to deploy via drop pods, this would generally be a boost for the list with a saving of 10-30 points in most cases, but wouldn't be game-breaking in my opinion, it would bring a unit of chosen with a pact and drop pods into line with marine devastators

Seems cool, I personally never really thought about drop podding RC's, But this is a good way to give the option without making it OP

kyussinchains wrote:
the more structural changes
-It has been remarked that the formations are quite restrictive, I had considered something along the lines of reducing the hounds and retinues to six stands with the option to add additional ones (maybe an option to add 2 cult marine stands as well as 4?) maybe this could be compulsory, so the points cost is the same (or higher) but it permits a more flexible arrangement

for example

Red corsairs retinue - 275pts
6 stands of red corsairs marines and one chaos lord character, plus any one of the following:

+2 red corsairs marines - 0pts
+1 obliterator +25pts
+2 cult marines +25pts
+1 dreadnought +25pts
+(some other option)

(note obliterators and dreadnoughts count towards the total number taken as upgrades)

the hounds could be 6 bikers for 250 with the option to buy 2 more bikers for +50 pts

these are more ideas than playtest suggestions, what are people's thoughts?

That's cool, I never really thought the list as too restrictive personally, but the options seem pretty cool.
Would you still be able to upgrade your units to be a 50/50 split of cult marines and normal Chaos marines?

Just a quick note, and I'm absolutly cool if the answer is no :P
What are the thoughts of giving the Daemon Prince upgrade to the Hounds formation?

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 Post subject: Re: Red Corsairs v3.5 - Approved!
PostPosted: Tue Feb 06, 2018 6:39 pm 
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I'm so sorry for the slow reply Mard, I have no excuse!

I don't think I'd want to add the daemon prince upgrade to hounds at this stage, but will consider it for the future

Onto the test list for 2018:

for now, please play your games with the following modifications and report back your findings:

1. Add Daemon Prince upgrade to cult marine formations

2. Chaos drop pods to 50pts fixed for the formation

3. Brass Scorpions to 275pts, they gain an increase to 4+ RA save, in addition, please replace the battle claws stat line with "2x Battle Claws, base contact, EA+1, MW"

I'll be leaving the main retinue as-is for now

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