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[Fanlist] Catachan Deathworld Veterans v2.7
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Author:  GrimDarkBits [ Tue Jul 25, 2017 3:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [Fanlist] Catachan Deathworld Veterans v2.7

With the current rules, these guys are essentially infantry Griffons. This has its pluses and minuses. You can't attach them to anything really bump up their BP.

Well, you can. Just not in the same way. You can attach two bases to an infantry formation. Maybe that would be better off as a 50 pt option for 6 bases, to match price with the Steel Legion Griffon upgrade? That gives you more bases, but fewer weapons since they lack the Heavy Bolter.

Their low range means unless you sustain fire, you won't get a shot in.

It's identical to the Griffon's main weapon. They should be sustaining whenever possible to get Indirect Fire anyway. They can even infiltrate to get in range, which Griffons can't do.

They are easy to remove.

They get the full benefits of cover and have twice as many bases. That's twice as many blast markers to suppress them, or twice as many shots to kill them. The main problem with the unit (if there is one, because they always seem to do work in games) is that they are a small stand-alone formation and 6 INF bases on their own are not especially durable. Neither are 3 AVs, but the Griffons hide in larger formations.

Their main advantage is because they are all infantry, you can easily buy a cheap squad to garrison them with or take them as a group of 6 to get an extra activation.

That plus the fact that extremely cheap indirect fire is really annoying to face, and I agree.

As it stands now, I think they are bit over priced at 75.

I don't think you could make them cheaper as a standalone formation. But, maybe that's the problem.

They are certainly useful, but not so much that I would take tons of activation of them. The way the Catachan list is designed, can only really take infantry companies as base formations. With only two support formation upgrade per squad, if you were to spam mortars you would eat up your points in basic infantry units. Catachan Companies don't have autocannons so you will end up with tons more infantry fire power and no where near enough anti-tank. Right now you have a slightly overpriced griffon, which while useful doesn't really match the current strength of the uniit.

This is true. The Deathworld Infantry Companies that form the core of the list are cheaper than a Steel Legion company (200 pts vs. 250 pts) but trading Autocannons for Heavy Bolters and Booby Traps makes list construction harder. You are even more reliant on your Upgrades and Support for AT and longer range fire, and your Support is still limited to two per Company. This means even as cheap as they are, you can't exactly spam Mortar Platoons for throwaway activations.

In the end, I am not convinced they are overpriced. I think 75 pts for 6 INF bases, 3 Griffon shots, and an activation is a pretty reasonable deal. But maybe they should be made into a 50 pt Company Upgrade only to make them more comparable to Griffons. Other people's thoughts are welcome.

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