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[Development] Mobile Forces of Catachan 0.4

 Post subject: [Development] Mobile Forces of Catachan 0.4
PostPosted: Sun Oct 13, 2019 8:57 pm 
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This is the newest revision of the Mobile Forces of Catachan and I hope to push this one to approved. Lets see how well this version actually is...

Background of the Mobile Forces of Catachan
The army is one of the many armies from the planet Catachan. Compared to other Deathworld Regiments, the Mobile Forces of Catachan take a rather unconservative approach to Warfare and rely heavily on a combined arms approach. The regiment is organized in mobile air companies, supported by ground companies.

The force uses forward scouts to infiltrate the enemy positions, be these experienced light infantry as well as Salamanders. After identifiying a target, the army uses hit and run tactics with the Valkyrie mounted troops. After an enemy position has been cleared out, the main forces moves in and secures the positions.

Their weakness is clearly an ongoing battle where they cannot retreat to a safer position with their mobile elements.

Design Concept and Design Ideas
After Revision 0.3.4. I put a lot of thought into it and came to the conclusion that the theme was not strong enough and more of a "what if Death Korps of Krieg got a flying Gorgon?". I removed Deathstrikes, Hellhounds, the big Griffon Company, Hydras... The list is more or less a blatant copy of the french Elysian list, but with "regular" infantry, stats adjusted to NetEA ones, mixed up units here and there. I also auto-included the Valkyrie transport for the ground formations to make this list more focused on the VTOL theme.

The strong and the weak points
+ Very fast and mobile army
+ Average/good FF values and a solid way to get the troops where they are needed
+ Some very cheap units
+ Scout everywhere
+ Easy access to BP weapons
+ Strategy 3
+ Different Aircraft Types

o Initative of 2+

- Not much MW (apart from the Valkyrie Tornado)
- No WE
- No Deathstrikes
- No tough units (no AV with a save better than 5+)
- No Warhound(s) nor other Titans
- Weak/Easy to kill BTS
- As always, Support formations are more interesting than core. All useful units are in the Support section (Stormtroopers, Valkyrie Tornado, MW Sentinels...)
- Bad in CC except for Ogryns
- No ground based AA

Next steps
- Try and break the list
- Get as much feedback from you guys and gals as possible
- Play it!

Old Version can be found here:
http://taccmd.tacticalwargames.net/view ... 74&t=29780

Mobile Forces Of Catachan rev 0.4.pdf [586.92 KiB]
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