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Off table actions
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Author:  Ginger [ Tue Nov 10, 2015 11:47 am ]
Post subject:  Off table actions

A question came up last night which, though discussed in the past, does not seem to be in either the rules or FAQ. Could we add it please :-

  1. Activation
    Q. What actions can an off-table formation take where it is able to enter the battlefield by this action, and where it cannot enter the battlefield through this action?
    (eg a Formation with an unused gateway/portal; and a formation which has not teleported, or is inside transport, or where there are no unused gateways available).

    Could we confirm the guidelines that a formation must take an action that allows it to enter the battlefield and may not "activate" where no such action exists. (ie Terminators waiting to teleport may not "Marshall" to stall)
    Also that where a formation fails to activate it must take a "Hold" action, and may either remain off-table to remove BMs or enter the battlefield with a BM (obviously it may not shoot :) ).

  2. Rally Phase
    Equally there does not seem to be anything about Rallying off-table, other than the Necron special rules. Perhaps the following?

    Q. In the Rally Phase, can off-table formations Rally? (eg a formation that has been extracted in an air-transport)
    A. Yes.

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