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Angel's New and Improved Trade Thread

 Post subject: Angel's New and Improved Trade Thread
PostPosted: Mon Sep 16, 2013 10:35 am 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother
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So the following is stuff I don't need or am willing to part with for the right stuff. Everything unless noted is NIB. There's some other stuff too, I'm to lazy to go through it right now so if you see something similar to what your after, ask about it. I'm looking for the items listed or cash of course so the let the PM's flood in! =)


Warhammer 40K
Battlegear- Eldar Keychain
The Inquisitor Sketchbook By John Blachie
Dark Angel Codex (Last Edition)
SM Masters of the Chapter Box (3/4)
SM Sniper Scouts (Primed Black/On Spure)
SM Tactical Marines
SM Rhino
SM Single Bike Box
SM BfM Spure (x2)
SM AoBR Dreadnought (Sliver coat disassemble)
SM AoBR Terminators (x5 Painted Green some detail work)
IG Jucie Box (Primed/some painted)
Nid Carnifex Spures: 2x C's 1, 1/2 A's and remains of B
Chaos Space Marines x8 and x8 Missing Packs?
2 Vehicle Spures of Chaos (90%)

Wood Elf Old Skool Army
-8 Plastic Archers
-4 Glade Guard
-1 Waywatcher
-7 Wardancers
-7 Glade Riders Inc Musican
-1 General on Horse
-1 Femaie Witch on Foot
-Orion King of the Woods
-2 High Elf Chariot Crew

Zombie Regiment Box NIB
Wood Elf Lord on Eagle Box
Random Chaos Warriors?

Lord of the Rings
Random LotR Mins

Black Library Novels
Prefer to sell/trade series together

Rynn's World
Faith and Fire
Dawn of War
Emperor's Mercy
Tales from the Dark Millennium

Deus Encarmine - Blood Angels
Deus Sanguinius - Blood Angles

Horus Rising (Sliver/2nd Ed)

Eisenhorn (Xenos, Malleus and Hereticus)
Ravenor (Ravenor, Ravenor Returns and Ravenor Rogue)

Ultramarines (Nightbringer, Warriors of Ultramar and Dead Sky Black Sun)
Dow: Blood Raves (Dow, DoW Ascension and DoW Tempest)
Let the Galaxy Burn (Random Short Stories)

Heroes of Space Marines
Legends of Space Marines
Victories of Space Marines

Epic 40k
IG SG Bandblade(Painted)

GW Spay Color Coats: Camo Green, Ultramarine Blue, Codex Grey, Catachen Green Etc...

Litko 3mm Plywood 25mm Round Bases 100ct

Terrian Stuff
Woodland Scenics
Tree Armatures 28 Deciduous 3"-5"
Clump-Foliage Light Green
Clump-Foliage Dark Green

Disney Rare Limited Cast Exclusive Pins ::)


X-Wing Miniatures

Flames of War

US724 Parachute Machine-gun Platoon
US725 Parachute Mortar Platoon
UBX15 Parachute Field Artillery Battery
UBX16 Airborne Anti-Tank Platoon


Warlock/Phantom Titan
Avatar Blister (Mainly the Aspects)
Any SHT Grav
FW Eldar Aircraft

FW Any SHT Packs
FW Titans

Space Marines
FW Thunderhawk/Transpoter

And of course any homemade proxy mini's! Especially one's made by animals! =)

My NetEA Lists:
Fir Iolarion Titan Clan List
Dark Angels List

Always looking to Trade!
Angel's Trade Thread

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