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Harlequin Grand Masque V4.2.3

 Post subject: Harlequin Grand Masque V4.2.3
PostPosted: Mon Mar 12, 2018 4:17 am 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother
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All, here is the latest and hopefully a much more refined version of the Eldar Harlequin list following on from the earlier version here.

The list has been very difficult to develop because it has been almost impossible to create a list that reconciles the attributes ascribed to the Harlequins with units and formation that are both still fun to use and play against, and a list that is relatively balanced in a wide variety of situations.
However this goal is now very close indeed, if not actually achieved, so there is every prospect that the Eldar Harlequin list could be considered for approval, PROVIDED the number of ‘special rules’ are considered appropriate and acceptable.

The units and formations
The superior close assault abilities of the Harlequins and Mimes are now represented as a cross between the Howling Banshees and Striking Scorpions. They are more potent than the equivalent Eldar and Dark Eldar units, though fewer in number and more expensive.
(Note, the Howling Banshees are notorious for being sub-par relative to the other Aspects, so although these Harlequin units are more powerfull, I no longer believe they are vastly over-powered.)

The Death Jester retains RA5+ to justify the 50 point cost and encourage the player to take it to boost formation numbers. The Solitaire is the ‘daemon prince’ of the Eldar world, with both blinding speed and extraordinary power represented in its abilities and costs.

Venoms have been reduced to the stats and costs of the Dark Eldar and greatly enhance both the mobility and combat capability of the Harlequins. They can be added to the Mimes, but are less advantageous, removing the key ability to teleport.

The four leaders provide a spectrum of abilities and are necessary, but at a cost. So a troupe of 6 units including one Leader, a Death Jester and LV Transport will be 450.

The Harlequin Jet Bikes are as fast as Dark Eldar jet bikes, but more suited to Close Combat. However they also have two attacks making them very potent if limited in numbers, which is reflected in their cost.

Special Rules
These are designed to present the character and skills of the Harlequins together with their enigmatic and mysterious nature
  • Nomadic reflects the restless nature of the Harlequins, who do not stay long in one place.
  • Speed reflects enhanced abilities of the Harlequins. The player may choose to attempt to attack with dazzling speed, and all Harlequins that fail their initiative test must withdraw out of harm’s way
  • Masters of the Webway allows all Harlequins greater use of the limited webgates available to the Eldar. Combined with speed, this mimics the Harlequins ability to ‘vanish’.
  • Veil of tears can cut down the size of an opposing formation and reflects the conflicting nature of the descriptions from survivors of ‘total Harlequin massacres’.
  • The Mirror of the Great Enemy represents the confusion caused by the other Eldar God, Cegorach.
  • The optional rule, Assassination, is provided to help the Harlequin player when using the Harlequin Grand Masque without any other allied units.

Using the list
Although the Harlequin list could possibly be used by itself it is designed to be used in conjunction with other Eldar or Dark Eldar lists. There are certain synergies that can be exploited, notably webgates, and the Farseer ability of the Shadowseer. However, the Harlequins are generally more expensive and less reliable than other Eldar, melting away before the end of the game, and the limited number of webgates are potential a liability.
When used as a Harlequin Grand Masque without any allies, the list has many weaknesses lacking long range shooting, AA, aircraft, Titans, WE, TK weaponry etc. These weaknesses are offset to a limited extent by the special rules and mobility, though by no means completely, so it will always struggle against most enemies. Consequently the optional Assassination rule has been presented to provide both some balance and different challenges (and a bit of fun).

Finally, please could you take some existing Eldar lists and try adding some Harlequin allies as a thought experiment, and see what you come up with. Do these lists fell overpowered or not?

NetEA Eldar harlequin 4.2.3.pdf [524.9 KiB]
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 Post subject: Re: Harlequin Grand Masque V4.2.3
PostPosted: Sun May 13, 2018 11:17 pm 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother
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Joined: Wed Nov 16, 2005 7:20 pm
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So two months have passed, ~590 people have read the post, the list has been downloaded 64 times. But no comments. At all. :(
“Reading between the lines” this indicates that people cannot find anything wrong with the new list and broadly agree with the sentiments expressed, though are equally not that interested in using this list for whatever reason.

This is a bit of a come down from the activity on the previous version of the list, and rather disappointing considering that the changes were made in response to the comments on that thread. It basically leaves me looking after a reasonable, but pretty defunct list, since no-one seems that interested in using it or (gasp) getting it to an approved state.

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