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Noob + Fluff Questions
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Author:  d_brierton [ Sun May 29, 2016 12:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Noob + Fluff Questions

hello all,

i have a few questions i've been brainstorming on.

1) where can i find the stats on the ulthwe seer council? all i see is the upgrade cost on the army list.

2) does adding wraithguard to the ulthwe guardians replace a guardian stand, or just make it bigger?

3) what exactly is a farseer / seer council stand? i assume a farseer stand is one farseer with many warlocks, and a seer council is many farseers filled with warlocks?

4) where can i find information on a titan clan associated with Ulthwe? So far i've only found info on clans for biel-tan, iyanden, and fir iolarion. background + color scheme would be helpful.

5) where can i find information on a dark eldar group who aided ulthwe at some point in time.

Author:  Roboshadow [ Mon May 30, 2016 12:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Noob + Fluff Questions

PFE100 wrote:
Hi d_brierton,

Welcome to the boards… Answer below to you questions….Sorry but I have been effected by the 11 Feb hiccup and so can’t login at the moment (waiting on fix)..So Roboshadow logins in and post stuff for me..

1) Ulthwé Seer Council INF 15cm 4+ 4+ 4+
Eldar Psychic Powers (bc) Small Arms, MW, EA+1
Witchblades (15cm) Assault Weapons, EA(+1), MW

Notes: Invulnerable Save, Supreme Commander. Inspiring, Reinforced Armor, Farsight,

2) Wraithguard adds to the to the ulthwe guardians. Since they are not characters..
3) Farseer / seer council stands from a gaming perspective, will depended on want models you have….My farseer stands are basically 1 Farseer model and 4 guardian models. When I get around to doing up the Ulthwé Seer Council it will have about 4 farseer models +one other model..
4) My research so far has not shown any clan associated with Ulthwe. There may be one, but I have not managed to find anything yet…
5) I have not done any research into this. Since the Dark elder list could cover it, if doing a scenario etc..
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Author:  d_brierton [ Mon May 30, 2016 2:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Noob + Fluff Questions

Thanks for the response, that helps me out a bit.

Still looking to answers for 4 & 5 if anyone has them.

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