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Epic UK Dark Eldar Questions

 Post subject: Re: Epic UK Dark Eldar Questions
PostPosted: Thu Mar 24, 2016 3:19 pm 

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I had no problem playing against the 4 VOP list and I don't think its the most powerful build by far. Scutarii won because he played better than me and the most crucial aspects were my lack of AA, DE aerial circus, DE speed vs DG speed, mistakes on my part and good play by Scutarii.
The VOP did very little spending most of the time tied up by Zombies. Their stats look good but to be effective they have to sustain (or maybe single) and that means they are going to be in range for assaults and shooting back and they are still very vulnerable despite the shadowfields.

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 Post subject: Re: Epic UK Dark Eldar Questions
PostPosted: Thu Mar 24, 2016 10:39 pm 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

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StevekCole wrote:
From the sound of it, the VOP spam is better than overlord spam in the UK meta (as you can hit and run out of assault range) but far from overpowered? Would that be your take?

Basically yes. Taking too many I think is potentially a detriment to the list but there might be some particular combinations that make better use of them. Spamming them does constrain the list fairly heavily though as each 2 you take requires one of either: Lord's Kabal, Warriors or Ravagers and you can only have one of the lord.

Tim might be right in that lists which rely on small high power formations might have more trouble as that TK shot is a fairly reliable kill per turn per VoP. But I'd argue that if your list is that heavily reliant on small high power formations and can't protect them against 45cm guns and that losing a model or two from them per turn will ruin your day then that's probably not the most reliable of lists and would probably struggle against any list with decent firepower.

Initially I thought it might cause Necrons a major issue as their Monolith's are so critical to their success but Living Metal doesn't care about TK.

Against Steve's (excellent looking by the way, don't know if I mentioned on the day) Death Guard the real clinchers were activations and aircraft. I had complete aerial dominance as I shot down his planes turn 1 and some warriors out of the webway broke his Defilers leaving him with no AA and me with the ability to wait for activations to run out, air assault with the lord and then pick him up again with the empty slavebringer to repeat the process each turn. The activation advantage and my mobility allowing me to basically never be in sight or range for him to shoot back (so I never really lost my activations) compounded over the course of the game to one point in turn 3 where I had something close to 7 spare activations after he'd run out.

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