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3000pt Tyranid newbie list- 2014 playtest rules

 Post subject: Re: 3000pt Tyranid newbie list- 2014 playtest rules
PostPosted: Tue Aug 18, 2015 8:44 am 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

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The hammerheads have markerlights too. Try to pick them off if you can.

I think it's the skyrays with markerlights? He always has at least one per vehicle unit, and they are near impossible to target. They do mean he needs to get those units close though, so maybe that won't be too much of a problem for me.

Were your exocrine in cover when they took the plasma? Yes, they're slow but they should get a late turn 1 double in if you can hide them.

The exocrines failed to march (blast marker from Thunderbolts), so only 3 of 5 could make it to cover. The 2 out of cover were enough to break them and the plasma was more than enough for that. I was very frustrated by the 15cm move, and also rolled very poorly (many, many 1's to activate- if the army wasn't almost all 1+ I'd have barely moved in turn 1).

The Exocrines had to be one of the first things to move because my activation count wasn't that much higher than his (broken Biovores and off-board Lictors), and I wanted to give the Hive Swarms (particularly the Dominatrix) as safe a run up the board as possible (given that he'd almost certainly have 2 rounds of shooting before any possible assault from me- even with cover I wouldn't have much left).

The AA did do something, it kept the Tbilts from apraring on turn 2. I use it to try and get 2 BMs on them. You're paying 25 points for a BM or two, that averages out to some failed activations.

If it didn't also cost 5cm of movement I may agree that it's worth it, but it simply wasn't. Especially since my opponent is not an idiot- if he was going to be taking shots from the Dom anyway he made sure to also get in range of the Zoanthrope, as that gives no extra BM and there's next to no threat of actually being killed.

Was the Genestealer assault supported? They can take on a Warhound well enouh, but they're not WE killers. The FS only means something when they can kill before they get hit.

I agree, but a Titan army doesn't give you much else in the way of targets. He was fully aware of the possible danger to his Warhound, and made sure to keep it just at the edge of 40cm to tempt me. I could have assaulted, but only 1 stand would have contacted, and I'd have almost certainly lost. I expected to lose against the Reaver, but I expected to at least cause some damage (and statistically should have). It just wasn't to be...

From what you called out it did seem like the dice disnlt swing your way. Against a 6 activation army i would try to stall as much as possible turn 1 then move up the assaults. Plasma is nasty but mitigated by slow firing. Stick to cover and put the expendiblre stuff up front to waste those MW shots.

He had 7 activations, and I had 11, but only 9 by my first turn (Biovores and Lictors). I did my best to delay, but with the Forge Knights and double Thunderbolt he could play that game fairly well too.
The issue I have with plasma in a Titan army is that it goes excellently with their shield rules. They can unleash hell for a turn, then if they've actually taken fire (and lost shields) spend the second turn to marshall, undoing 90% of the damage and ready to unleash more hell. It's a very tough combo to beat.
I did do a decent job of wasting many plasma shots, though he had enough other weapons to make pretty short work of gaunt screens when needed (when did Gatling Blasters become a 6x weapon!?). The Dominatrix, unfortunately, couldn't be shielded at all (as a War Engine).

I expect to face his Blood Angels this Friday. My list will probably be unchanged, as I still haven't managed to assemble other models.

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