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NetEpic/SM2 Tactics...?

 Post subject: Re: NetEpic/SM2 Tactics...?
PostPosted: Sun Jan 17, 2016 6:08 pm 
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There's no need to play NetEpic rules to avoid the long ranged shooting slugfest or titan domination that is mentioned in the first post. SM2 and Titan Legions are well balanced, providing you do not field the Imperator Titan or Mega Gargants, and that you remove all titan battle group cards (and equivalents) from the game.

When Titan Legions was introduced, it skewed the game in favour of the titans to an excessive extent for those armies that had the option to field titan battle groups or the extremely large titans/gargants I've just mentioned. My Eldar became very dangerous when fielding a Phantom Titan battle group, for example, while Marines suddenly became incredibly hard to beat when they had a Reaver Titan battle group and a pair of Warhounds in the same army. Contrast this with my Chaos army who didn't get any of the new toys (there were no Reaver battle groups made available to Chaos, and no official Imperator Titan), and you begin to see the problem.

Also, a number of armies rely heavily on large infantry formations to win and/or to claim objectives. Orks, Chaos, and Imperial Guard being three such forces. The fact that their infantry were increasingly sidelined by 'shiny titan syndrome' was indeed a problem.

These are problems which are easily resolved without changing any rules though, it's just a matter of realising that certain units and formations break the balance of the game, and must not be taken.

NetEpic fixes a number of other issues or quirky design decisions from second edition, and this is something that attracts me to the set of rules. It has rather lost focus in terms of ensuring that the core rules are as clear and error free as they should be, owing to the continued development and discussion of newer versions which want to introduce more shiny new toys and armies though, which makes me advocate SM2 more these days, which is a shame.

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