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Building the Universe of Onslaught
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Author:  Toco [ Thu Feb 02, 2017 3:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Building the Universe of Onslaught

Not as cool as the design from OnSlaught. Too comical.

Author:  Nitpick [ Thu Feb 02, 2017 6:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Building the Universe of Onslaught

Seems a so called luxury problem. There might be more pressing needs elsewhere I suppose. Oth, Mr onslaught is a selfproclaimed joyrider :)

Author:  Toco [ Fri Feb 03, 2017 7:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Building the Universe of Onslaught


Author:  Deb [ Sun Feb 18, 2018 10:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Building the Universe of Onslaught

The Lyceum and the Phaerons - wow. I know there are more pressing miniatures to work on at this stage. Finishing the Grudd, working on more PPF Denizens and mercenaries, Xenomites and Legion still need a bit more work, the Terran forces need more support vehicles. Although a number of other companies make proxies for these already, I do like your interpretation on design for some of the human vehicles like the PPF and Grudd transports.

I can not see a definitive proxy group for the Eldar. Stygians can easily proxy for Dark Eldar, Okami technocracy combine, tzacol, avians, and sectnids would easily make suitable proxies for the Tau and their relative allies the Kroot and Vespids.

I do not see any Ork type race. I know another popular manufacturer that resells your minis already makes a large range of minis that cover Ork proxies - Skinnerz. So it might not be $$$$ viable to make something already covered by another company.

I am hoping that the Lyceum and the Phaerons are possible proxies/substitutes for the Necrons, as these are not easy to find. No major pubic online mini manufacturer makes minis for Necron proxies. I can only find expensive 3d Prints on shapeways and some other 3d minis making companies as well as a few other smaller 3rd party mini manufacturers that only make a suitable proxy for basic 6mm necron warriors. These proxies could also proxy for Terminators (are you Sarah Connor).

I know you have a lot on your plate with the entire onslaught universe to design for. You also have to get time (from what I understand) being a single parent (I may have mixed things up, and gotten that wrong - sorry if I have) to actually design and build the prorotypes for the new minis. Grudd knows how you do not get bored working on one range without wanting to tinker on another.

I suppose you work on the more popular races and armies. Those that sell. I know from the Epic tournaments in Australia, the Squats have had a hiatus since they dominated at CanCon one year and the list has been slowly redesigned. Edlar are always popular, with dark Eldar now getting to be more popular with the new NetEA list by Jimmy making its rounds.

Orks have been very popular and are a top tier competitive army with Ferals, Gargants and Speed Freak armies showing up in tournaments more often in Australia in the last 3 years.

Necrons are a good top tier army, if you can get the minis. Tau are very, very popular right now. Norto spearheaded them at a few tournaments and now everyone wants to have a Tau army. Norto I still owe you a rematch for beating my Feral Orks with your assault based Dark Eldar army.

Sisters have never been a popular tournament list, however I have seen a run on their armies for fun casual gaming, and there are a few new redesigned ministorum and sisters lists making the rounds trying to improve on them.

Chaos are always popular, with every tournament I go to having at least 1 or 2 armies from one chaos faction or another.

Tyranids are not as succe3ssful at tournaments as many other armies, however the number of people that own a Tyranid army is great. I plan further down the track to build an army for them.

Imperial Knights are becoming more popular - your Talos Syndicate make great proxies for these. I know they are not a top tier army, but they look great on the board, and a new list designed by a mate of mine - Knights crusade list - includes titans into the list to strengthen it.

AMTL has always been popular, and sometimes makes it to the top armies in tournaments. There are a few manufacturers already for these minis. Some are reasonably priced, others are more expensive, as are some of the readily available re-sales of old GW minis. Thus this might be an army you could easily avoid until you had a settled base for all the other armies.

You have a base for the Imperial Guard armies already, with more support vehicle needed.

Marines are already flooding the market from all corners. Too many manufacturers make proxies for these minis, and although you could expand the Terran forces with some heavy units that can proxy for marines, the market has far too many mini manufacturers for you to make your $$ back if you make too many minis for this expanded range.

I would probably suggest concentrating on finishing the Grudd; building an proxy for the Eldar race and working on it; adding more Knight types, and perhaps a Mechanicum force that has robots and heavy cyborgs to supplement your Talos Syndicate; The PPF needs a bit more attention, and the Necron Proxies need to then be developed.

I guess you already have ideas for what you want or need to do anyway. I am just writing down my ideas for what I can see is currently missing in the market. What players are struggling to find online to purchase in order to build their precious tournament armies.

Your sculpts are brilliant and most are hardy enough to handle readily. I love the minis, so keep up the good work.

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