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Future of Wartorn?
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Author:  scourn1 [ Wed Sep 20, 2017 8:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Future of Wartorn?

So ive bought tons of microworld armies for fantasy to play kingso f war with. Works really well but ive always been curious about Wartorn. systems seems easy and quick to learn. Reminds me a lot of Warhammer Fantasy in the world that was.

I know high elves are in the works and there ogre miniatures. Is this still being worked on?

Also what size table is good to play it on? Any kind of missions? Average point game?

Author:  Blindhorizon [ Fri Oct 06, 2017 8:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Future of Wartorn?

Sorry about the late reply, I got caught up inmy junior year of college and couldn't progress on this. I may have some armies completed for high elves I'll have to take a look at my notes. As for an average game I was thinking 2k point based off the old system or 750 off the new. I'm at work currently I'll review what I have up once I get home and comment more on your questions.

One of the main reasons progress never moved past where it is with wartorn is lack of feed back, if you get a chance to play please let me know your thoughts, especially about balance, ease of play, concerns, and ideas to make it better. I'm hoping each armies flavor is unique.


Author:  OutkastSamurai [ Mon Nov 20, 2017 4:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Future of Wartorn?

I've downloaded Wartorn and gone over the game getting ready to play a few games. I've worked for a few different gaming companies doing rules review and playtesting so enjoyed looking over the rules. I had a few questions and some possible suggestions. I obviously will have more once I get in a game or two. Has a nice solid look to it. Did you want me to post things here or would you prefer I messaged you directly? Email would work as well. Looking forward to getting into Wartorn a bit more.

Author:  thedespot29 [ Thu Nov 30, 2017 3:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Future of Wartorn?

Sorry I missed this, You can post things here if you like. As Blindhorizon said, I think one of the things that hurts motivation for fringe rulesets in niche scales is lack of feedback. The feeling that you are shouting into the void.

Even if the author isn't actively working on the game, I'm sure that others fiddling around with the rules would be interested in hearing your thoughts.

Author:  OutkastSamurai [ Thu Nov 30, 2017 11:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Future of Wartorn?

Sounds like a plan. I'll drop a post here later this evening with at least the first bit that I have questions and suggestions for.

Author:  OutkastSamurai [ Fri Dec 01, 2017 5:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Future of Wartorn?

We'll start on page one. There needs to be a bit of an into into the rules. Troops point sizes, table sizes, etc. There are some assumptions made that people immediately know certain terms and these should be explained a bit more with the novice or completely new gamer in mind. A good breakdown of exact turn sequence would be good here.

Basing: 40mm is a decent width but I would suggest 10mm per rank rather than 20mm. 10 is plenty of space for 6mm figures and going deeper just makes for long columns for units. I know you want characters to stand out but mixing round and square bases is rarely a good idea. Especially with how you want everything to line up for combat. A 20mm square base will fit into your current basing structure and make for a better fit overall.

Movement: With some of the faster units and forced marching it gets to be a bit much. Fast cavalry forced marched are moving 90cm which is roughly 3 feet in a single turn! Your arrows only shoot 30cm. You are having your cavalry outrunning your missiles. perhaps revisiting the movement of the units and/or dropping forced march.

Magic: Magic may be a bit too overpowering but I am still not convinced one way or the other on it just yet. Why are beastmen spells cheaper? Some backstory there?

Fleet of foot is now sure footed. There are some places that you use fleet. Just needs a bit of revision.

Magic resistance: What is it and how does it work? it seems to have gotten left out of the special ability section.

Your artillery needs a bit more range and a special ability that fits it better than crushing or exotic. Maybe something that is an attack based on the number of ranks of the unit it hits.

Formation, rank, stand need clearly defined. They get used interchangeably at times and can be a bit confusing.

Outnumbering. Wounds are equal to ranks for outnumbering purposes? It hints at this but may need a bit of clarification.

Invulnerable save: States in special rules that its 6+. For Demons it lists a 5 and then invulnerable. Do they have a special 5+ invulnerable or is it 5+ armor and then a 6+ invulnerable if that fails?

The ability Sturdy is mentioned under Shambling but never defined.

Dwarven characters need to produce 2 dispel dice or they get mauled. Depending on how magic resistance works that might be different.

Sure Footed only mentions woods as terrain that it ignores the effects of. What about rough terrain?

Some of the units can buy additional stands. Do those stands form up with the first stand to form a single unit or is it an independent unit that simply doesn't use up a Veteran/Elite slot? I think independent works best.

Bone Dragon has a limit of 1. Its the only unit to have that limit, why? 1 per how many points or just 1 total no matter how big the army is?

Some of the later units just a a number listed for their health, is that health per rank? It follows that it should be but wanted to clarify that.

Animate Dead rank 2: Why can't it add a HP to the Bone Dragon or Bone Giant?

Why is a Lesser Behemoth more expensive than an Armored Behemoth? The armored one is certainly much more combat effective.

Some places Piercing Ranged Weapons is used and other places Exotic Ranged Weapons is used. They have the same effect so we need to ditch Piercing Ranged weapons. Exotic covers things very nicely.

You have great diagrams for your combat. It wouldn't hurt to add more and more examples. Always look at it as if the person reading it has never played a table top war game.

The artillery platforms really need to be shambling. They aren't going anywhere fast. If for some reason they would be going fast you wouldn't have a hope of firing a remotely accurate shot from a lumbering creature.

I really like that some of the units can be found in more than one army list. This opens up so many more possibilities.

The character challenge thing just doesn't work well in massive combats. The entire army that is clustered around a character isn't going to stop to let the two characters go at it. The additional penalties that you give to a character dying in combat easily cover this.

This is a bit of what I have run across so far in my overview and trial with the rules. Has anyone come across anything else?

Author:  Blindhorizon [ Fri Dec 15, 2017 10:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Future of Wartorn?

I just saw your post and message, I’ll need to download the rules tomorrow and see what version is on the Microworld site. Last time I worked on the rules I was in the middle of changing a lot of the rules. For instance, Force March is removed only move and March. Shooting was being revamped

Piercing ranged weapons and exotic ranged weapons are different, piercing is ballistas and some elf arrows, while exotic are handguns and the such. They could just be brought under one name though.

Just before I stopped prior I was working on removing the rank rule and having a set base size for the units, adding extra ranks will just add more wounds to the base itself.

The rules are very raw and I ever added that extra stuff for new players to understand what a d6 is etc. I figured anyone looking st this game would be experienced at gaming.

I wanted magic users to have wild power but not to powerful. With dwarfs I was working on adding resistance to each unit and characters have resistance dice they can add to units natural resistance dice. Also was thinking about making runecasters have some offensive abilities, arclightning and other such spells.

Lesser behemoth has shooting, armored light survive better but the lesser can rain damage from afar.

The bonedragon is an extremely potent piece.

Author:  OutkastSamurai [ Fri Dec 15, 2017 8:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Future of Wartorn?

I must have an older set because the forced march is still on there. I was looking at base sizes at 40x10 for each rank of ranked units, 40x20 for each rank of cavalry, 40x40 for large monsters and chariots, and 20x20 for characters. Using the 20 divisor will allow all your units to match up better in HtH combat. Characters on chariots or large monsters would also be on 40x40 bases. I tried out slowing down all the units roughly 5cm each (some I slowed down 10) and it made for a much more tactical sweeping game.

Just some ideas.

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