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Timeline 300 new release: German Revenants
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Author:  Evil and Chaos [ Fri Feb 08, 2013 10:25 am ]
Post subject:  Timeline 300 new release: German Revenants

They're coming to eat your (10mm scale) brains!

Our new release today are the German Revenants, "zombies" who have returned to give their ab-lives in the service of their great nation.

For one last battle, they will fight!
(and maybe grab a nice meal while they're at it)

Timeline 300 Rulebook wrote:
So dearly do the German populace love their nation, that in the aetherically-charged 1870’s, not all of those who die actually go on to find their long rest in the grave. For some, the ember of their previous life still burns at a low ebb even though their heart has ceased to beat and their body has begun to decay. These people are the revenants, echoes of the unshakable patriots they once were.

So it is that the revenants find one last way to serve their proud nation, by making their way to the aetherical Translocators that serve the German army, they fulfil their unquenchable desire to protect their nation by fighting in the name of their homeland one last time, before the rot that has begun to gnaw at their bodies causes their strength to wither, and their spirit to at last depart this life. Incredibly tough to disable, and heedless of pain, the revenants are an unnatural force to be feared.

http://www.mydreamstores.com/shop/troub ... ucts_id=76
60x Revenants & 12x plastic bases, £12.

revenants colour 2.jpg
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revenants colour 1.jpg
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revenants 2.jpg
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