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Ministorum Homeworld Defence Conclave List ver 1.1 updated

 Post subject: Ministorum Homeworld Defence Conclave List ver 1.1 updated
PostPosted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 11:57 am 
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I have designed a thematic Ministorum Army list called the Ministorum Homeworld defence Conclave.

The list makes a sisters based army more viable to actually get somewhere in tournaments, without being OP. I have never seen Sister in a tournament, except a fun one I ran last year, where I told everyone to bring along the lists they would not normally use in a tournament. Sisters and a Ghazghul warhorde that should have been a cult of speed list were just some of the lists there.

People have told me that Sister are just too weak for tournaments., not fast enough, weapons are too short ranged, and units are mildly expensive. I have overcome this by adding in 2 separate support groups, and rolling in the normal support formations such as Penitent Engines, and Hereticus Warbands into the core choices.

There are no War Engines, except for the Cathedral, and the Chapels. Imperial Navy and War engines are still 1/3 of list cost. Arbites and Planetary Guard now make up the support forces. A single choice from each for each core formation. Since Onslaught have their new PPF range of Planetery Police Force minis, I could not resist putting them in the list.

No support formation is too large or over powerful. The price to reinforce the basic arbite patrols can be quite restrictive if you want to make a formation of 12 units + transports.

I have allowed for certain support units to be included to give the sisters some range, or mobility, they have previously lacked. Sentry guns with scout, and arbitor bike patrols for arbites, Artillery and Leman Russ squadrons for the planetary guard.

I think the list can work well. I just have to refine it, have people try to break it by making OP lists, and seeing if it is too OP, and whether certain formations/units need price increases, or a reduction in their skills/stats, etc.

Check it out and let me know if you like it.


Chris a mate of mine mentioned that I forgot to add the limits for Arbites and Planetary Guard that I mentioned. I have added them, and updated Saint Celestine - increasing her points and adding one ability that simulates the effect she has on sisters in the 40K universe.

1.1 version changes:

Made it that you select up to 2 formations from one of the 2 available support lists for each core choice. You may choose 2 choices from the other support choice for your next core choice. With the inbuilt limit of selecting a troop choice from the support options before taking an advance choice like artillery tanks or bikers, Black Maria and so on. This way the list still balance itself out, but you can base it around 1 support choice list, or if the game points are more, you can start mixing the 2 support choices to represent a larger available support base..

I altered the weapons and save stats on a number of formations which seemed too good for the points you pay for them, or if they are free like civilian vehicles. I also removed inspiring from the Cannoness.

Ministorum Homeworld Defence Conclave Unit Stats.docx [40.13 KiB]
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Ministorum home world defence Conclave army.docx [24.21 KiB]
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