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battles 5-8 with brief end of turn summary

 Post subject: battles 5-8 with brief end of turn summary
PostPosted: Sun Sep 08, 2013 11:39 pm 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

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It has certainly been a while, but have still been fighting then campaign.

Battle 5
Faced off against 12 warlords with only 6 reavers, some knights and couple TG mech comps. \it did not go as well as i hoped loosing all but one of my reaver titans and both my knight households beinng decemated. I managed to kill 3 warlords which is only small comfort.

Battle 6

A brief battle that didnt even last a full turn with a titan army facing me with a storm of warp missiles and barrage missile launchers. I loose 3 warlords to only killing one warhound in return and the battle lasts half a turn :(

battle 7

Totally different battle in which my opponent actually had troops!! 2 x vet companies, thunderhawk gunships and 2 warlord battle groups. Against this i had one warlord battlegroup with 2 x knight households and a titan defence company. A close fought battle indeed in which my battlegroup was on a hill and managed to weather the battle well killing 2 warlords and crippling one, while shooting the crud out of his infantry. Although his troops did smash up my titan defence company which was very one sided in close combat. I won the batle but my army's morale was broken so had to give up the field.

battle 8

I thought this was going to be hopeful as was attacking his brigade HQ and was hoping to at least force it to withdraw and use supply up. He had some support from another army and silly me didnt check the status of my army correctly realising that it was only 2k strong my opponent deployed 5,500 points worth. It was a slow fight with my opponent luckily deployed across the battlefield and couldnt bring all his firepower to bear efectively. I also had some rotten luck with my warp missiles unable to strike killing blows. In all it ended badly with me loosing my warlords to the loss of 2 reavers from my opponent. Also only one detachment of troops left so my army disapates :nooo

End of Turn

Out of 8 battles i only won 3 and my losses in titans higher than my opponents bringing the losses to about even over the past 3 turns. Downside is that my opponent is feilding more titans in the sector we are fighting heavily in and my knights getting smashed up. The right flank is looking extremely exposed also and am going to have to retreat some armies to cover the city. But will have to look at my whole defence and what troops are left in my armies, hopefully have some left to push down on my opponents city. On the plus side my other armies are appraoching from the west so can get the city in a pincer movement. Once i have reviewed what i have left troops wise i may be able to keep a good defence and attack from the north. |In the other sectors my armies are bit far out to make an immediate change. My opponents supply situation is rather dire i think as with all the attacks he has made they may slow down considerably. Giving me the oppurtunity to pick my targets and hopefully stall the assault. Will update the map and hopefully get it posted, although none of the retreats have happened yet from the battles.

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 Post subject: Re: battles 5-8 with brief end of turn summary
PostPosted: Mon Sep 09, 2013 11:41 am 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother
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Glad to see this is still going - even if the run of results seem to be going against you! Sounds like you are in a strong position going forward, keep us posted as to how it continues to progress! ;)

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