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The Campaign Day 2 battles 2 and 3 of 5
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Author:  DNME [ Thu Jun 07, 2012 6:36 pm ]
Post subject:  The Campaign Day 2 battles 2 and 3 of 5

I am going to put up the two battles we fought in our ongoing campaign tuesday. 2 2nd edition games in only 6 hours!! and there was some carnage :))

Author:  DNME [ Sat Jun 09, 2012 11:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Campaign Day 2 battles 2 and 3 of 5

The 2nd battle of day 2

My forces (6,000 points)
2 x Warlord battlegroups
2 x Reaver battlegroups
2 x Warhound detachments

Howards (4,100 points)
2 x reaver battlegroups
2 x knight households
2 x warhound detachments

As you can see my 14 titans pretty much just lined across the battlefield, where as my opponent was more to his left flank. I was concerned about the knights as they can be a bugger to kill and can gang up on a titan.

turn 1 movement
I mostly stood ready to let rip with my titans furthest away moving forward to get in range. My opponent tried to use some cover and moved up on my right flank.

Turn 1 firing
I took out 2 reaver titans, which was helped by some nice vortex missiles. One of which stayed on the centre of his reavers. And i generally battered his knights, which were proving irksome to kill.

All in all 10 to 15 points wise end turn 1, my mate was rather joyful in reminding me i had not taken an objective, but as i pointed out i wanted to kill his troops :)

Turn 2 movement
He tries to close combat one of my warhounds with one of his but falls short by just a few mm, also he tries to swamp my red warlord titan but he beets them of and only luckily suffering minor head damage.

Turn 2 firing
Carnage, I shoot all his knights, cause meltdown in two reavers and kill a warhound. I did get my reaver bg (old style gw ones) that were armed 2 close combat weapons and a vortex missile to bash the knights up to. I did loose a warhound though.

turn 2, 18 vs 40 points to me, victory in two turns with the bonus of putting his army out of action as he only had what was listed below left.

Mine still the same except lost a det of warhounds
My mate only 2 damaged reavers, 1 x warhound det

So all in all a great result for me.

Author:  DNME [ Sat Jun 09, 2012 12:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Campaign Day 2 battles 2 and 3 of 5

Well after a victory for me we proceeded onto the next battle as on plains as previous we decided to fight on same battlefield.

My opponent had same army as he did before.

My army was differnt only 4,000 points
1 x warlord bg
2 x TG titan defence companies
1 x knight household
1 x knight lancer household
1 x lancer det
1 x maurader fb det

I went with a more central deployment with my warlords in the centre, a company of TG on each objective trying to hug as much cover as possible and knights flanking my warlords (orange and castellans the lancer knights)

My opponent deployed mostly on my left flank which got me worried some.

Turn 1 movement
Both of our knights advanced forward, my fb started their run to try and get his titans in rear and knights in their flank.

turn 1 firing
I take a reaver out with a warp missie and other stalls another by causing its reactor to shut down. The knights trade shots but with the shields bit slow to take down. I manage to batter one ohis households so it breaks. My lancer det gets wiped.

End turn 1

8 vs 21 points to me. Still pretty even on the battle field

Turn 2
My knights take a beating as get charged by his and beaten up breaking both my households. He turned some reavers to take out my planes, all but one. I manage to take out another reaver (my fb managed to get the reactor) and my lancers gang up on a warhound and blow its reactor taking them out too lol.

Turn 2
His warhounds shoot up my tg company. Not many knights left at all

turn 2 end
24 vs 29 The points keeping pretty close, All our knights are pretty much done for.

Turn 3
I take out another reaver (KO to the head), was bit slow as had gatling blasters on my titans and i close combated a warhound and killed it

End turn 3

24 vs 37 to me, my opponent starting to move his reavers to kill my warlord titan, really cutting it close with its shields

Turn 4

I turned my warlord to move away from his reavers, but then realised i only had one shield and my reactor would be vunerable! But i kill another of his warhounds as 2 try to gang up on my other warlord titan. Luckily he doesnt get my reactor and the titans mostly out of range/sight of each other now.

End turn 4

24 vs 40 to me, great result 2nd win for me especially as both battles around my north east zone which is under pressure. My opponent is determind to take it as a single zone cut off from my other areas.

Next battle this coming friday, and its a bridge although my mate says his army not that good for taking a bridge. He will be surprised at what is defending it though :)

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