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Tactical discussion for space marine - TITANS

 Post subject: Tactical discussion for space marine - TITANS
PostPosted: Sat May 19, 2012 3:34 pm 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

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Ok thought best seperate thread for this one.

If you are playing below 3,000 points battle then single titans ok and no battlegroups (unless both sides agree). If really small battles then agree if titans allowed or not.

I will only field a reaver or a pair of warhounds in a battle under 3,000 points as a warlord too pricay at 900 points. and a battlegroup just makes it a titan fest, which can be fun but makes a less tactical game for me.

In larger battles i tend towards a reaver battlegroup as i find them good alround and 500 points cheaper than a warlord bg is a super heavy tank company or near enough another company of infantry for imperial guard.

With a battlegroup i usuall go for 75cm range weaponary like 2 x turbo laser destructors and then a volcano cannon. Have never really used the plasma weapons as dont like the idea of not being able to move or fire just one weapon.

If fielding 2 battlegroups i usually have a warlord and a reaver bg. The warlords being fire support platforms geared more towards anti titan. and my reavers being a bit closer ranged and maybe one with a warp/vortex and 2 close combat weapons.

My reaver bg would usually have a mix of.... volcano, gatling, turbo laser, multiple rocket launcher

My warlords would have similiar but with the 4th weapon slot having a warp missile.

My warhounds usually have a inferno gun with a turbi laser destrucor, sometines the inferno replaced with a mega bolter.

I always try to keep my titans balanced and not just anti-titan or solely anti - infantry, invariably they will work with my other forces in achieving the battle plan.

Although my titans for my campaign are kitted out alot different to how i usually lay as i know my opponent will be fielding alot of titans, as by last battle approx 4500 points each and he fielded 2 warlord bg's 1 x reaver bg and a knight household. I had one warlord bg and knights. i lost a warlord to one of his warlords and 2 reavers.

My warlords all had 2 carapace multi lasers, with 2 having 2 x gatlings, 1 x multiple rocket launcher and a warp missile. the 3rd had 2 x volcano and 2 x turbo laser.

My opponent had 4 x volcano cannons on a few and turbo laser destructors on his reavers

All in all i prefer reavers and the turbo laser destructor for their cost, no front reactor damage point and the weapon packs a punch and low to hit roll

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