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[Homebrew] Help with Psyker Card system?

 Post subject: [Homebrew] Help with Psyker Card system?
PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2011 10:48 am 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

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Hi all, haven't been around in awhile ... still working away at my pet project epic ruleset (hopefully sometime I will have something to show everyone).

One of the elements I was toying with is 'Magic Card' like system for psyker powers kind of like Epic 40k's fate cards ... perhaps mixed with abit of Man-o-Wars magic system ... so I was wondering what everyone thought of the following ...

- One generic deck of powers all players draw from.
- Army specific power cards, take the appropriate armies cards and shuffle them into a single deck (You can hold onto enemy powers in this way to keep them from using them ala MoW's system).
- The deck is always filled with ALL armies power cards.
- Each player has their own deck of cards.
- There is one generic power deck and each player also gets a side deck of their own armies power cards which they can only draw so many from in a turn.

Which of those do you find appealing?

Either via Epic40k or a dice roll like Man-o-War each power card can be sacrificed to nullify an enemy's card.

Other thoughts, what would Tau, Necrons and Dark Eldar have instead? (If anything).

Any other suggestions?

Thanks all!

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